Loki Star Wunmi Mosaku Reveals Her Favorite Marvel Movie

Loki star Wunmi Mosaku says that one Marvel movie made her buy into the entire franchise. The [...]

Loki star Wunmi Mosaku says that one Marvel movie made her buy into the entire franchise. The actress spoke to Shadow and Act about the current Disney+ sensation and her place in the larger MCU. She told the outlet that Black Panther was huge for her. Then, after Ryan Cooler's massive film, she went back and watched some of the earlier work like The Avengers. Fans might have recognized her from Lovecraft Country or His House, but the Marvel scene will open things up even further. The morning of the first episode, the Internet was awash with posts enjoying her bringing Loki down to size when the TVA came and got him off of Earth in 2012. There's still a lot of possibilities with Loki. No one knows where this thing is going to go. But, Mosaku seems poised to be a fun addition alongside Mobius and Ravonna Renslayer in the MCU canon.

"I was a fan from Black Panther," the actress began. "That was my first Marvel film and I loved it. I felt so seen. I felt so excited and I really felt this whole hero and villain [thing]...it wasn't so clear. It wasn't basic. I really got Killmonger, I got him! [laughs] I was rooting for him too as well. Then I was just like, I like this world....I like this world.'"

"I did not know I was going to like this world, I did not know this world was for me," she continued." Then I started watching The Avengers and I started watching everything. My sister was a huge fan beforehand. She was always telling me to watch it and I thought, 'Mm-mm' [laughs]. Then I was like, 'Oh, I get you now, I get you now!'"

It sounds like Mosaku and Tom Hiddleston will be tangling with Richard E. Grant's character by the end of things. Loki writer Michael Waldron explained the character in a conversation with Total Film.

"Nobody wants to hear me say who Richard E. Grant's playing. We're lucky to have him in the show – if he's in the show, I heard he might be," he began. "So I think everybody should just watch and find out. Like Loki himself, we really wanted the experience of watching the show to feel kind of unexpected and constantly shape-shifting."

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