LOST Pulled Off The "Fake Wedding" Set Before Marvel

Avengers: Endgame lays claim to one of the most famous weddings there never was. As the story goes, the cast of the film was assembled on a cabin set in Georgia. They were told the scene was a wedding. Instead, it was the funeral for Tony Stark. All of that extra effort, lying to the cast, to keep from the film's biggest spoiler from leaking out. As it turns out, though, there was a fake wedding before Avengers: Endgame's. LOST, a prolific TV series which wrapped in 2010, staged fake actors in wedding attire to mislead paparazzi and spoiler hunters from what was really going on when its entire cast gathered in a church for the final episode.

"We were really concerned about anybody figuring out what was going to be happening in the big church scene," LOST writer and executive producer Carlton Cuse explained to Vulture in an impressive piece which calls back to the finale's production and release. "So [during production] we hired two extras that looked like Sun and Jin and we put them in wedding clothes and we put them outside the church. And we were taking them in and out in a way that any paparazzi or people that were trying to figure out what’s going on would think that we were staging Sun and Jin’s wedding."

LOST's Sun actress Yunjim Kim actually had no idea this was happening, going as far as claiming it didn't happpen. Hurley actor Jorge Garcia confirmed it to her himself during their interview. "I believe they had a woman who was like a Sun double dress up in a wedding dress and they would shuttle her periodically [to set]," Garcia explained. "I never met her. I remember seeing a woman in her wedding dress and them often referring to that scene as Sun’s wedding, even though we knew that wasn’t anything that was going to go on in it."

"Wow. I had no idea that was happening," Kim says. "They didn’t tell us anything we didn’t need to know."


The show's Shannon actress Maggie Grace, who has since gone on to other secretive work on Fear the Walking Dead, likened the process to Marvel's secret-keeping methods before Marvel had them. "They really enjoyed the spy games of getting people scripts," Grace recalls. "It was early then, before Marvel took it to another level of paranoia."

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