Luke Cage Star Simone Missick Opens Up on the Shocking Cancellation

Earlier this year, Marvel Television and Netflix stunned everyone with the cancellations of all of [...]

Earlier this year, Marvel Television and Netflix stunned everyone with the cancellations of all of their series on the streaming service, effectively ending their partnership after 13 seasons across six different series. Many of them earned critical acclaim and were very well received on the streaming platform, including the two seasons of Luke Cage that ended on a cliffhanger before the series was cancelled. There were even rumblings of a Luke Cage and Iron Fist spinoff for Daughters of the Dragon, which would have included Simone Missick's portrayal of Misty Knight.

But now that those hopes have been dashed, the actress has moved on to her new CBS series All Rise. But she's still feeling the sting of Luke Cage's cancellation.

"So, when Luke Cage was cancelled, I was on set, on a CBS All Access show, called Tell Me A Story, playing opposite my husband (actor Dorian Missick)," Missick said to Collider. "It was the best place to get the worst news of my life. I could ugly cry and no one would no because someone would be there to touch up my make-up, but I didn't cry. It was surreal. Jeph Loeb gave me a call at eight o'clock at night on a Friday, and my husband was like, 'He's calling to tell you that you're getting your own show.'"

She added, "We both thought this was gonna be the phone call saying, 'Guess what? Daughters of the Dragon!' And it wasn't that. It was, unfortunately, "Hey, Simone, the show is not gonna move on." I'm a faithful person, and I have a strong faith in God, so I knew that, if this was where it was ending, something great was coming."

Missick went on to open up on what she expected to see in the character's future, things that won't happen because the series never got closure.

"That has been the toughest part, thinking about all of the ways that I had hoped for Misty to develop, and then for it to end the way that it did. Had the writers known that we were only getting two seasons, they would've done something different," she said. "Even ending it on Iron Fist was an interesting way to say goodbye to her. She's broken. She has to get a new arm. Everybody was like, 'Ooh, who's gonna give her a new arm? What's it gonna look like?' So, it was a difficult way to say goodbye to her. That's why I think it's, 'So long.' I don't think it's goodbye forever, but you never know. If it's meant for me to play Misty again, in a different way, on a different platform, or in a film, I'm certainly game for it. But right now, I'm just so thankful for where I am, doing this, that that's my focus."

All Rise airs Monday nights on CBS.