Surprising X-Men Villains Return in Marauders

The "Dawn of X" event has absolutely made changes to the Marvel Comics universe, as the X-Men and those in their orbit establish a new and controversial status quo. The rise of Krakoa and the change in mutants' influence over the world has led to some unexpected international dealings, which have been seen firsthand in the pages of Marauders. In the process, the series gave fans a fitting return that they probably weren't expecting anytime soon. Spoilers for issues #4 and #5 of Marauders below! Only look if you want to know!

Throughout the first few issues of the series, Marauders dealt with the disappearance of Lim Zhao, a wealthy human who had apparently accidentally touched a Krakoan gate and never returned. As Kate Pryde and Bishop learned in issue #4, Zhao was actually being held captive in a secret room by his wife, Chen Zhao, so she could use the ordeal as a way to push anti-mutant sentiment. After Kate publicly affected her about this, Chen arranged a meeting -- with the Seventh Inner Circle.

marauders 4 1
(Photo: Marvel Comics)

Yep, the "kid Hellfire Club" is back.

Issue #5 expanded on their return even more, as their goons took control of Shinobi Shaw's ship and drew out the crew of the Marauder in the process. The goons, who were armed with power-dampening Russian super-suits, began to fight Bishop and Storm, as the kids watched from nearby.

marauders 5 1
(Photo: Marvel Comics)

Both X-Cutioner and Hate-Monger followed close behind, and prepared to fight Kate and Iceman. A data page at the end of the issue then outlined the group's new organization, which was dubbed "Homines Verendi".

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(Photo: Marvel Comics)

The Seventh Inner Circle first debuted in the X-Men: Schism arc of 2011, as the result of a pro-human coup that had taken over the Hellfire Club. Kade Kilgore - a 12-year-old sociopath - recruited fellow young geniuses Maximillian Frankenstein, Manuel Enduque, and Wilhemina Kensington. Together, the group attempted to take out mutant-kind, but Kade briefly had a change of heart and helped form the short-lived Hellfire Academy.

The return of the Seventh Inner Circle - or Homines Verendi, as they're now dubbed - certainly adds a new wrinkle to the goings-on of Marauders. Considering how much of the book thus far has been about the power dynamics of the Hellfire Club - and who should sit among its new council - their adolescent human counterparts certainly aren't a welcome surprise.


Marauders #5 is available in stores now. Issue #6 is set to be released on January 22nd.