Marc Maron Reacts to Having a Cameo in Amazing Spider-Man

Many comic book fans know comedian Marc Maron not from his years as being a stand-up comedian or even his role in the Academy Award winning Joker, but because he had some "controversial" opinions about superhero movies. Maron is making the rounds in comic book-dom for a different reason now as the comedian/actor has made a surprise appearance in none other than the pages of Amazing Spider-Man from Marvel Comics. One fan pointed out the cameo by Maron, who appears in one panel which chronicles the rise of J. Jonah Jameson's new podcast in the Marvel U. Check it out below!

Maron's dust up with comic fans began when he appeared on Conan and said he hadn't seen Avengers: Endgame due to it (and other films of its nature) being for "grown, male nerd childs." The comedian's rant was clearly meant to be in jest, as the types of "grown-up" movies he admitted he liked seeing were stories where he didn't understand the ending. There was some authenticity behind the comments he made, noting that he wouldn't be bullied by "grown nerd men," citing how the movies he enjoys are relegated to independent theaters.

The comedian fanned the flames unintentionally with a response to the outcry and many fans called him a hypocrite for appearing in the DC Comics-based Joker because of his comments about superhero movies, but he's made it clear that he wouldn't turn down the opportunity to act in a film with Joaquin Phoenix and Robert De Niro. Maron eventually backed away from his hostile stance toward fans and apologized.

The current run on Spider-Man is being penned by writer Nick Spencer, with's Megan Peters giving The Amazing Spider-Man #40 (the issue of Maron's cameo) a perfect five out of five score, writing:

"The Amazing Spider-Man swings out with a new issue this week that will satisfy your Spider-Senses. The issue begins with a hilarious fight mixes a beautiful hodgepodge of ideas. From Jonah Jameson to an ex-girlfriend and podcasting, this latest issue has it all. A slew of revelations will leave fans ready for more, further proving this book is one of Marvel's strongest these days."


The next issue of the series will be published on March 11 by Marvel Comics and sees the return of artist Ryan Ottley to artistic duties on the title. Whether Maron will once again appear remains to be seen.