Black Widow Trailer Reveals Taskmaster's Costume Has Killer Marvel Comics Easter Egg

Marvel's Black Widow trailer #2 is now out, and in the Marvel Studios tradition, it gives us a much bigger and better look at what the storyline of the film is all about. That's truly an important thing in this case, as Black Widow marks the official kick-off of Phase IV in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the most pivotal era of the franchise since Captain America and Thor first made their solo film debuts. While Black Widow may be telling the story of a hero we already know to be dead, it will also be introducing some new characters, including the MCU version of Marvel Comics villain, Taskmaster.

Now that Black Widow trailer #2 has given Marvel fans a much better look at this live-action version of Taskmaster, they've managed to spot one detail of the villain's MCU costume that pays direct tribute to his Marvel Comics powers:

I love how his mask is a mirror so your literally fighting your reflection from r/marvelstudios

As you can in the image above, this MCU version of Taskmaster that will appear in Black Widow seems to take the characters "mirroring" powers quite literally. Not only is the skull-like face mask a way to conceal Taskmaster's identity (setting up a potential big reveal in the film), it also acts as mirrored glass, so that his opponents are both literally and figuratively fighting their own reflections, when Taskmaster's power set kicks in.

If you're not familiar, in Marvel Comics Taskmaster is a mysterious figure who is most often seen as one of the primary trainers of mercenaries, henchmen, and other paramilitary forces of the Marvel Universe. Taskmaster's claim to fame is the ability to "mirror" the physical attributes and skills of anyone he observes - be it Olympic level athletes, or uniquely skilled fighters like Captain America, Hawkeye or Black Widow herself (all three of which have been hinted at in the Black Widow trailers. In certain versions of the Marvel Universe (like the "Ultimate" reality) Taskmasters mirroring power is even able to mimic full-on superpowers, instead of just physical feats. Right now, it's not clear how far Black Widow is going to take things, in regards to Taskmaster's mirroring, or if the mirrored faceplate plays any functional part in that ability (like recording / analyzing opponents' movements and techniques).

How do you feel about the MCU version of Taskmaster so far?


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