Marvel Studios Boss Speaks Out on Filming Challenges During COVID-19 Pandemic

We're two years into a global pandemic, and things seem to be on the way back to normal, or as "normal" as the world can be living amidst COVID. As with most facets of the economy, the film industry was hit especially hard by the pandemic, including a months-long pause in most Hollywood productions. Victoria Alonso, Marvel Studios' head of production, said in a recent People En Espanol that was especially hard due to the family culture developed at the Burbank-based outfit.

"It's not easy, not only on a personal level, but [on a business level] when you are in charge of so many people. [At the start of the pandemic], there was so much uncertainty and people didn't know if we were going to work, as everything was closed for a long time," Alonso told the magazine (via a translation by The Direct.)

She added, "Although we continued working, there were people who had to stop working and couldn't get paid. Those were very difficult times, and when what [Marvel Studios] have created is a great family, it's painful. These are things that hurt you and are difficult if you care about people who work for you and care about who they are. If they are numbers, no, but in the way that I do things, my way of leading affects me."

Despite multiple production pauses and, in turn, reshuffling of entire release slates, Alonso went on to add she feels Marvel Studios has pivoted fine in a new world.

"And it seems to me that [the pandemic] has now given us a different approach," she concluded. " For me, I have grown a lot, and being able to have done it with a lot of patience, with a lot of love and a lot of desire, I think it has been a great gift that I have given myself, that COVID gave me. At the time it was happening to me, it didn't seem like a great gift to me, I'll be honest with you [laughs], but today after seeing everything we've been through in recent years..."

Marvel's next project is Moon Knight, which hits Disney+ on March 30th.

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