This Avengers Infinity Saga Fan Art Needs to Be a Poster

To call the Marvel Cinematic Universe to this point epic feels like an understatement. With more than 20 movies all leading up to the game-changing events of Avengers: Endgame, the MCU's first three phases are bigger than that. They're a saga, the Infinity Saga to be specific and while a new box set collecting all 23 films will be available for fans, with the release of the official trailer for the collection recently, one fan is giving the massive story its due in an incredible piece of fan art that is so good it should be a poster.

Shared by user "spideyvegas" on Reddit's r/marvelstudios sub, the incredible piece of art take the faces of each of the MCU's heroes and arranges them in the light of the Infinity Stones. Tony Stark/Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr) has a prominent place in the center of the image while Thanos almost haunts the image right below him, his eyes obscured by the Infinity Saga's logo. You can check out this stunning image for yourself below.

I redid one of my old pieces with the new logo! from r/marvelstudios

It's an impressive piece suitable for the impressive collection of films. A major Infinity Saga collection is something that Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige has been teasing for some time and while there's not yet a release date, when it does arrive it will be a collection Marvel fans will definitely want -- especially since the set may include deleted scenes from the Marvel films.

"If we do a big, giant Infinity Saga box set, we might include- I'm assuming if you're going to spend the money to buy a box set with everything in it, you're a fan," Feige said in a Q&A with Empire Magazine. "And it'll take more than a couple of really, really bad scenes to turn you."

"I like sharing those scenes," Feige noted of a deleted Endgame scene that was recently released. "And when we have something like that that we love, and which was not an easy decision to cut out but was the best decision for the movie, it's a great avenue to say, 'We'll put it out there.' It's not like no-one will ever see it. There are things that we think nobody should ever see. And I think we've just recently been discussing that now we can start to show some of our less proud moments."


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