Marvel Almost Introduced Thor and Storm's Daughter

Many series from Marvel Comics get to have fun with alternate realities, providing different versions of characters while mashing up others. But few have been as creative and inventive as Exiles, the X-Men series about a team of heroes hopping through the multiverse to protect existence.

The latest version of the series by artist Javier Rodríguez and writer Saladin Ahmed has pulled characters from all over Marvel Universe, introducing a version of Valkyrie that's heavily inspired by Tessa Thompson's portrayal in Thor: Ragnarok.

But that character was almost replaced with the daughter of Storm and Thor, a mashup that Marvel has flirted with over the years, but this time could have been her own character worthy of controlling the skies and wielding Mjolnir. And her name would have been Thunderstorm.

In the series, the character formerly known as Nick Fury, now the Unseen, brings together a team to help protect the multiverse, with experienced member and Age of Apocalypse survivor Blink leading the team. That team nearly included Thunderstorm, who was in a draft of the first issue, before the creators switched gears and decided to add Valkyrie to the lineup instead.

But Rodríguez even submitted a cover of the first issue that showed Thunderstorm on the team, indicating that they were pretty far into the process before they decided to swap her out with Valkyrie.


People have been responding positively to Ahmed and Rodríguez' tweets about the character, so there is the chance that she could show up at some point. If Exiles remains successful and the comic continues to get published, we wouldn't be surprised if Thunderstorm shows up in the near future.

Exiles #9 will be released in comic book stores and be available online on October 10th.