Marvel Introduces Spider-Woman 2099

It's the 30th anniversary of the 2099 Universe, and Marvel is celebrating with a new storyline headlined by Spider-Man 2099. Familiar heroes like X-Men 2099, along with new characters also joined in the fun for Spider-Man 2099 Exodus, a miniseries bracketed by Alpha and Omega one-shots that set up a new status quo for the 2099 Universe. The finale in Spider-Man 2099: Exodus Omega #1 brings the event to a close in a dramatic confrontation between Spider-Man 2099 and the Galactic Goblin, Norman Osborn's new persona. A new mysterious hero also joins the fray, taking on the role of Spider-Woman 2099.

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Spider-Man 2099: Exodus Omega #1. Continue at your own risk.

Spider-Man 2099: Exodus Omega #1 comes from the creative team of Steve Orlando, Paul Fry, Dono Sánchez-Almara, and VC's Clayton Cowles. A knockout showdown takes place between Spider-Man 2099 and the X-Men 2099 against Norman Osborn and his evil Cabal. Just as the bad guys appear on the verge of victory, Miguel O'Hara puts a call in for the Avengers 2099, who we met earlier in Spider-Man 2099: Exodus. However, this time the Avengers are joined by the new Spider-Woman 2099, who end up winning the battle.

Ulana the Watcher recaps where all individuals end up, such as the Cabal facing their punishment on Planet Wakanda, their Sentinels being recycled into a new Mutant City to replace the one the robots burned to the ground, and the creation of Oasis X. Meanwhile, Miguel O'Hara is joined by Spider-Woman 2099 in Nueva York, the New York of the future. The two swing off together to fight crime, teasing more adventures to come from the duo.

(Photo: Marvel Comics)

No details are provided regarding Spider-Woman 2099, but some assumptions can be made based on her costume. Spider-Woman 2099 is dressed in all black, with a white spider emblem on her chest. It's very similar to Venom's design, which could mean she is the host of an alien symbiote. The hero also has web wings similar to Spider-Man 2099, along with long clawed fingers and spikes on her head. Another reason to believe Spider-Woman 2099 has a symbiote is that she mentions being welcomed back to Earth, meaning she does the majority of her heroic activity in space.

It's worth noting that a Venom 2099 does exist. Created by Jody Houser, Francesco Mobili, and Geraldo Borges, Alea Bell debuted in 2019's Venom 2099 #1. Her Venom bares no resemblance to Spider-Woman 2099, plus their speech balloons appear different also.

Marvel more than likely has plans for the new Spider-Woman 2099, as well as Spider-Man 2099 and the rest of the 2099 lineup. Fans can also see more of Spider-Man 2099 in Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, where he's voiced by Moon Knight star Oscar Isaac. The movie premieres June 2, 2023.