Marvel Legends Iron Man Mark 3 Infinity Saga Figure Is On Sale Now


Hasbro isn't wasting time diving into their Marvel Legends MCU Infinity Saga figure series. In the last two weeks they've launched a Quicksilver figure from Avengers: Age of Ultron, an Iron Man Mark 85 vs Thanos 2-Pack from Avengers: Endgame, and an Odin figure from Thor. Now they're adding to the lineup with an Iron Man Mark III figure from the 2008 film Iron Man. UPDATE: New Infinity Saga releases added: Captain Marvel And Rescue Armor Figure 2-Pack is live here on Amazon (exclusive). The Marvel Legends Series 6-Inch Infinity Saga Happy Hogan And Iron Man Mark 21 Figure 2-Pack is available here at Target (exclusive).

Pre-orders for the Iron Man Marvel Legends Mark 3 armor figure are live here at Entertainment Earth for $26.99 with a release date set for August. It includes alternate hands, alternate heads (closed helmet and open helmet with a solid likeness of Robert Downey Jr.), and a wrist-mounted missile launcher accessory.


If you haven't seen the original Iron Man film lately, here's a refresher. Tony Stark's Mark III armor solved the icing issue that plagued the Mark II, and it was the first to feature an on-board weapons system and the classic red and gold color scheme.

The Marvel Legends Infinity Saga series isn't the only line that Hasbro has been focusing on lately. There have also been major additions to the Star Wars Black Series and Star Wars The Vintage Collection lineups. You can keep tabs on all of the new Hasbro releases and where to pre-order them right here. Some recent headlines include:

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