Marvel's Marauders Introduces Major Changes to X-Men's Kitty Pryde

Aside from a quick appearance in a single panel in the first issue of House of X, the popular mutant Kitty Pryde AKA Shadowcat has been largely absent from the X-Men franchise. But all of that changed with the launch of the new series Marauders, which features a drastically new status quo for the character that keeps her away from allies on her Krakoa, but still doing the good work to help preserve the new era established by Professor Xavier and the Quiet Council.

But first, the comic establishes that the X-Man is no longer Kitty — call her Kate Pryde. Captain Kate Pryde, if you will.

Last seen nearby burgeoning Krakoa vegetation overlooking the National Mall in Washington DC back in House of X #1, Kate Pryde is now helping rescue a group of mutants alongside friends and allies Storm and Iceman. But when she herself attempts to enter the Krakoan gateway, she slams face first into its portal as if it's a shut door, breaking her nose and giving her a black eye in the process.

It's entirely unexpected, and she realizes that in order to reach the mutant paradise she'll have to sail there by herself. This, of course, gives Wolverine an excuse to task Kate with some provisions (see: alcohol) and physically ship them to the island, which she does so by procuring someone's boat.

When she arrives at Krakoa she learns that the gates down learn for her on either side of their portals, and she's not sure why, but it adds to the feeling that she doesn't feel comfortable on that island, especially because there are mutants across the world who are still stuck in their situations. Some governments and armies are stopping the mutants from accessing the gateways, and she realizes she wants to help.

This is where Emma Frost's offer comes into play, as she wants to make Kate the new Red Queen of the Hellfire Club and lead their clandestine operations as part of the Hellfire Trading Company. Not only will they ship the human medicines that are set to revolutionize and disrupt the pharmaceutical industry and improve living conditions, but Kate will lead her own squad of mutants to help liberate those who are still stuck under the thumb of oppression.


The mystery of Kate Pryde being unable to access the Krakoan gateways will likely be explored in future issues. But for now, she and her team are set to make sure that everyone across the world is entitled to take advantage of Xavier's new dream.

Marauders #1 by Gerry Duggan, Matteo Lolli, Federico Blee, and Cory Petit is now available in stores and online.