Marvel Reveals Deadly New Masters of Evil

There's a new team of evil supervillains calling themselves the Masters of Evil in the Marvel Universe, except they all come with a unique twist — each member of Marvel's new Masters of Evil comes from a different Earth or future in the multiverse. One normal group of villains is bad enough, but when a puppetmaster like Mephisto starts plucking bad guys from across the multiverse, it can mean bad news for the Avengers. The Multiversal Masters of Evil will look familiar to Marvel fans, though each may be the most powerful version of their characters Earth's Mightiest Heroes will ever face.

WARNING: Spoilers for Avengers #50 follow. Fans first witness this Masters of Evil in August's Free Comic Book Day 2021: Avengers/Hulk #1, which set up many of the story plots taking place now. The seven-person team consists of Doom Supreme, Kid Thanos, Dark Phoenix and its Pet Berserker, King Killmonger, The Ghost Goblin, and Black Skull. Mephisto started his recruitment with Doom Supreme, a Victor Von Doom who has become Sorcerer Supreme of the darkest arts, but Doom Supreme was given the responsibility of choosing who else would be on the team with him. While we don't get to see this recruitment drive, readers do witness the Multiversal Masters of Evil in action, staking claim to various worlds before ending up on the Marvel Prime Universe of Earth-616.

(Photo: Marvel Comics)

Since we've already described Doom Supreme, we'll move on to the other members of his villainous team. The Dark Phoenix keeps her identity a secret by wearing a golden mask and a dark robe that covers her entire body. The Phoenix symbol can also be seen on the arms of the robe. She travels with her Pet Berserker, who appears to be a Wolverine turned into a Hound hunter from the X-Men's popular "Days of Future Past" storyline. Young Thanos is affectionately nicknamed "Kid Thanos," but he looks to be a younger Thanos plucked from the past before he truly becomes the feared Mad Titan. 

King Killmonger is most likely Erik/N'Jadaka Killmonger, enemy of the Black Panther. Since he's conquered both Wakanda and Asgard, he dons a red suit of armor similar to the Asgardian Destroyer, and may even have some Vibranium in it. Spider-Man nemesis Norman Osborn is the Ghost Goblin. Instead of simply being a Green Goblin, Norman has the Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance, and has traded exploding pumpkin bombs for the flaming skulls of other Ghost Riders. Finally, the Red Skull is now the Black Skull, possessor of the alien Venom symbiote. He comes from the recent Heroes Reborn universe introduced earlier in the year.

Coincidentally, many of the Masters of Evil have counterparts on the prehistoric Avengers — namely Doom Supreme, Dark Phoenix, King Killmonger, and Ghost Goblin. Avengers #50 reveals the true purpose of the Avengers of 1,000,000,000 B.C., and it will probably lead into a team-up with the present-day Avengers to defeat the Multiversal Masters of Evil. It also connects to Avengers Forever, a spinoff series that follows Ghost Rider (Robbie Reyes) as he assembles heroes from across the multiverse.

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