Marvel Reveals What's Under The Thing's Stone Skin And We're Horrified

Fans know that underneath The Thing's rocky surface lies a very human person, but while we knew that in theory, a recent issue of Fantastic Four actually revealed what that layer looks like, and it's a little disturbing to think about. Few people are strong enough to actually knock away Thing's rocky armor in the first place so more often than not it's a non-issue, but in Fantastic Four #13 The Thing faced off against the Incredible Hulk, who is more than capable of leaving a mark. He left several after their latest throwdown, giving fans a look at the pink flesh underneath all that rock, and it's a little surprising to say the least.

In the issue, The Thing is attempting to knock out a rampaging Hulk who is being controlled by the Puppet Master, but early on Hulk unleashes on Thing, breaking away little pieces of his rocky hyde. He continues to chip away pieces with each punch, but the most shocking one is when Thing takes a huge punch to the face.

That punch knocks off a chunk on the side of Thing's face that covers his jaw, eye, and part of his mouth, and it is kind of hard to look at. You might expect that there's some sort of layer between the rock and his muscle, but that is not the case, and so the raw muscle beneath shows through completely. You can't even see his eye either thanks to that punch, making for a relatively disturbing picture of Ben Grimm, and it only gets worse later on.

(Photo: Marvel Comics)

That's when Thing punches Hulk so hard he shatters the rocky skin on his right arm completely, which looks like a swollen pink mound that needs a cast once all is said and done.

(Photo: Marvel Comics)

You can check out the images up-close above.

Fantastic Four #13 is written by Dan Slott and drawn by Sean Izaakse with a cover by Esad Ribic, and you can check out the full description of the issue below.

The clock is ticking down. The moment is almost at hand. That do-or-die instant where Ben Grimm will either find the will to win – or be annihilated by the fighting-mad Immortal Hulk!


Fantastic Four #13 is in comic stores now.