Marvel Teases Spider-Man Announcement This Sunday

Marvel Comics will reveal a Spider-Man announcement at Fan Expo Dallas during its Make Mine Marvel Panel Sunday, May 5, Marvel Entertainment tweeted Friday.

Marvel in July relaunched The Amazing Spider-Man for its fifth volume under writer Nick Spencer, who took over from longtime Spider-Man writer Dan Slott.

In conversation with, Spencer called the comic "the book of [his] dreams."

"I think that a lot of what I'll be doing is reconnecting Peter with some very classic, quintessential elements of the story that fans and readers are going to recognize," Spencer said.

"And it's exciting to bring the character back to basics and, at the same time, Dan has obviously had one of the best runs on the character ever, and we're certainly going to honor the things that he's done and build from there."

Spencer strives to tell a "really fun, funny, human character-driven story" during his tenure on Marvel Comics' flagship book.

"But a key part of it is also what Peter's role in the Marvel universe is, and what the Marvel universe looks like from his vantage point. That's always fun. Because he is the every man character, because he is the working class hero. You know when he's next to those other Marvel heroes, he really stands out. It really helps make what's unique about the character strength."


Spidey is currently caught in the web of classic foe Kraven the Hunter, whose latest twisted scheme has pit the wall-crawler against the Last Son of Kraven — a clone of the world's greatest hunter who stands as his last-surviving "offspring" — as part of a plot that saw all of Spider-Man's animal-themed villains subjected to a free-for-all hunt with deadly results.

The "Hunted" storyline next continues in the pages of Amazing Spider-Man #21, out May 15.