Marvel Releases Spider-Man: Beyond Amazing Teaser Trailer

Marvel just unveiled Spider-Man: Beyond Amazing during Spider-Man Day. The hero’s 60th [...]

Marvel just unveiled Spider-Man: Beyond Amazing during Spider-Man Day. The hero's 60th anniversary is quickly approaching and the company wanted to do it big. All next year there is going to be a focus on your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man across games, shows, comics, fashion, and collectibles. Fans are wondering what else could be coming with this announcement. But, Marvel is keeping it broad until it's time to unveil the entire package in 2022. Today has been nothing short of a Spidey love-fest as fans pour onto social media with their favorite memories, amazing cosplay, and general stories about the Wall-Crawler. Clearly, Marvel knew what day it was on the calendar and picked a day that would have everyone talking about Peter Parker (or Ben Reilly, or Miles Morales, or Gwen Stacy, or numerous others. Apologies to the Miguel O'Hara stans, I didn't forget you.) Check out Marvel's post for Beyond right here.

In a conversation with for WandaVision's press tour, Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige talked about how much speculation is out there about Spider-Man's next appearance on the big screen.

"I've read some things. I'm not sure I've read all things," Feige began. "The fun thing about online speculation when it comes to our stuff is how sometimes it couldn't be more off the mark and sometimes it's shockingly close, and that's held true for the last few years. But saying which is which would take all the fun out of everything."

"The biggest clue is the title of the second Doctor Strange movie. That's the biggest clue of where the Multiverse of Madness is taking us and how we're exploring that," Feige added. "It's surreal to me that we're talking about a Spider-Man 3. I worked on a movie called Spider-Man 3 many years ago directed by Mr. Sam Raimi. So this clearly, the shorthand of calling it Spider-Man 3 now, it's fine. We call it Homecoming 3."

Marvel describes the Beyond Amazing celebration down below:

"Since Peter Parker's debut in 1962, the world's favorite wall-crawler has inspired millions of Marvel fans through his iconic adventures and stories. Next year, be a part of Spider-Man's 60th-anniversary celebrations all year long!"

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