Marvel Studios Confirms Conversations On Bringing Fox Characters Into MCU, Debunks Deadpool Rumor

Marvel Studios has a bevy of options and characters at their disposal to bring into their Marvel [...]

Marvel Studios has a bevy of options and characters at their disposal to bring into their Marvel Cinematic Universe, and that's even without considering all the characters that came back under their control after the Disney Fox deal, which brought over 20th Century Fox's stable of characters like the Fantastic Four and the X-Men. Fans are wanting to know when they'll start to see those characters join the MCU, and recent rumors suggested that Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool could be introduced in the next Spider-Man movie or as part of a new Disney+ series. had the chance to speak with Marvel Chief Kevin Feige, and during the conversation, the rumor was brought up, and it seems like that one is not going to end up happening.

"No I mean we're certainly having conversations about the future of all of those Fox properties,' Feige said. "How to weave them in and when to weave them in. That one, in particular, is not the case."

So it seems if Deadpool is going to end up joining the MCU it's going to be in a different way and not as a part of Spider-Man, which honestly makes far more sense than the original rumor ever did. Spider-Man and Deadpool have become a favorite pairing in the comics, but their movie iterations do very different things, and mashing those up just doesn't seem like a match made in least not yet.

Perhaps down the line they could meet up at some point, but for now, fans want to see Deadpool in his Rated-R element and Spidey in his PG-13 element, and mashing them together just doesn't seem like the best of fits.

Right now it's unknown whether Reynolds will return for a Deadpool sequel, but he proved he can definitely make PG-13 work if he has to, as Once Upon A Deadpool recreated Deadpool 2 as a PG-13 movie and was still quite enjoyable. Granted, fans would rather Deadpool be able to go full Rated-R, but we're still unsure if that's something Disney wants to pursue under their main umbrella.

The next film in the Deadpool franchise was supposed to be X-Force, which would reteam Deadpool with Josh Brolin's Cable and Zazie Beetz' Domino. With the Disney Fox deal though that is in limbo, but we would love to see it still happen. The three had great chemistry in Deadpool 2, and we would love to see that continue in another film.