Marvel Studios Producer Regrets Not Seeing an Iron Man and Shuri Team-Up

A host of your favorite Marvel heroes had the chance to team-up during Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame, pairing up heroes like the Guardians of the Galaxy with Iron Man and Spidey or Thor going on an adventure with Rocket Raccoon. While all of the heroes had a chance to share the battlefield during Endgame's climactic final battle, there was one duo that didn't get the chance to actually meet through it all, and during the Endgame Vudu Viewing Party Marvel Studios producer Trinh Tran revealed one team-up she regrets not getting the chance to see.

When asked which interactions she would've liked to see of those that didn't happen, Tran responded "I would've loved to see Tony and Shuri get together because I think they could've created something brilliant. - Trinh #AvengersEndgame #VuduViewingParty"

Fans got to see Shuri interact with several of the Avengers in Infinity War after the Earthbound heroes went to Wakanda to defend against Thanos and his hordes. Here Shuri showed off her brilliance in the company of Bruce Banner as they worked to separate the Mind Gem from Vision. While they didn't accomplish this, it was still a great encounter, and while we see her in Endgame, she is part of an ensemble and doesn't really get time to shine on her own.

One can only imagine how Tony Stark would've reacted to Shuri's genius, and we do have to admit that the duo could've been amazing onscreen together. Who knows though, perhaps a Stark A.I. can still give us a bit of that in the future, but it remains to be seen if Marvel Studios will eventually go down that road.

In the comics, the character of Tony Stark has been used as an A.I. in several cases, though we imagine that some would look at that as a cheat to get around his heroic death in Endgame. That might not be something Marvel wants to do with their movies, but that would be one heck of a surprise later in Phase 4 or even 5 if they so choose to do it.


As for Shuri, fans will get to see her again in Black Panther 2, though we hope we see more of her in the greater MCU once Phase 4 really gets underway. There's no release date for Black Panther 2 at the moment, but hopefully, we get one soon.

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