Kevin Feige Got A Sandwich Thrown At Him By Sony Head Trying To Get Spider-Man Back

Marvel Studios had long wanted Spider-Man in their Marvel Cinematic Universe but the process to [...]

Marvel Studios had long wanted Spider-Man in their Marvel Cinematic Universe but the process to get the wallcrawler back home was a messy one.

Sony Pictures had owned complete cinematic rights to Marvel Comics' character of Spider-Man. The likelihood of the character coming back became greater when Sony's Amazing Spider-Man films stalled at the box office, especially by comparison to their original Spider-Man trilogy from Sam Raimi. With that in mind, Kevin Feige reportedly took the downward spiral Spider-Man was seeing at Sony as the opportunity to speak with Sony Pictures head Amy Pascal and start the conversation of Spider-Man returning to Marvel.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the meeting was over lunch and the meal concluded when then-Sony Picture chief Pascal threw her sandwich at Feige and "half jokingly" told him to "get the f--- out."

Not long after the conversation, Sony was the victim of a hacking which saw e-mails from Pascal and others leaking online where the Spider-Man talks between Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios were revealed. Fans cried out for the deal to come to fruition and Sony Pictures had little choice but to agree, spawning a deal in which Sony takes home each box office dollar for Spider-Man movies while Marvel Studios and Disney rake in the cash from toys and merchandise.

After Spider-Man appeared in Captain America: Civil War, his standalone Spider-Man: Homecoming was bolstered by positive reviews and an appearance by Robert Downey Jr's Iron Man for Sony Pictures' biggest box office hit since 2004 and an unsurprising win for Marvel Studios.

The studios are already working together on another standalone Spider-Man film starring Tom Holland with director Jon Watts returning to the helm slated for 2019, and the wallcrawler will appear in Marvel Studios' Avengers: Infinity War later this year.

"It's a creative collaboration, for sure," Feige told "The deal was, this is of course a Sony movie, but that we would produce it. That we would make it in our system, with our team."

"Contracts are one thing," Pascal added. "It would have been silly for Sony to do this movie with Marvel and not get the benefit of what Marvel knows. The whole point was to trust other people and know when other people are really good at what they do."