What's the Marvel Restructuring Mean for Helstrom?

Before long, Marvel Television boss Jeph Loeb will officially cede all creative control for the television studio over to Marvel Studios. The latest reports, in fact, suggest the producer will be out of the studio before Thanksgiving rolls around next month. With restructuring at the House of Ideas well underway, many have started to ask — what about Helstrom? As it stands now, there are three shows currently in play for Marvel Television as this transition process begins. Runaways has already received a release date of December 13th on Hulu while Agents of SHIELD has completed all visual effects work and is in the can, waiting for a premiere date sometime next year.

Then there's Helstrom, a Hulu show that at one point was supposed to be the first of Marvel's "Adventure into Fear" on the streaming platform. Despite Ghost Rider being sent to the chopping block earlier this month, Helstrom just recently ramped up production, the second Marvel show to film in Vancouver; the first season of FX's Legion filmed there before moving to the States.

Helstrom is in such a unique position because by now, they can't have more than one episode filmed. And as several trades have reported this morning, the absorption of Marvel TV by Marvel Studios is very much in flux. As far as we're aware, Helstrom has continued filming throughout this whole process and since it's already in production, it's likely the first season will be produced — that is, of course, unless some amount of politics gets injected into the situation.

What's even more unsure is the future of the show past its inaugural season on Hulu. Since it's so early in production, does Feige step in now and help shape the rest of the season so it's possible Daimon (Tom Austen) and Satana (Sydney Lemmon) Helstrom can link up with Blade (Mahershala Ali) and Moon Knight sometime later? The other alternative would be for the show to run its course for the first season before pulling the plug, essentially making it the last show this era of Marvel Television has released. The latter of which might be unfavorable to fans as it'd likely mean the characters wouldn't be rebooted by Marvel Studios anytime soon after having just appeared in live-action.

While Marvel Studios' focus has been on its Disney+ shows as of now, maybe Feige will want to continue Loeb's "Adventure into Fear" on Hulu, giving a platform for more adult, R-rated shows. One can always hope, right?


Runaways Season Three is expected to drop December 13th while Helstrom and Agents of SHIELD Season Seven are set to debut sometime next year.

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