Marvel Teases the End of The Immortal Hulk

The Immortal Hulk, a series has described as the ideal Marvel comic, is heading toward its conclusion. On Monday, Marvel Comics released a new teaser for Immortal Hulk #49, the penultimate issue of the critically-acclaimed series. Written by Al Ewing and drawn primarily by Joe Bennett with several stellar guest artists, The Immortal Hulk will conclude its character and mythology redefining run with Immortal Hulk #50 later this year. The end will tie together all of the new angles Ewing and company introduced into Bruce Banner's life, including the Green Door and what lies on the other side. Marvel Comics promises Immortal Hulk #49 will set the stage for a truly epic finish when it releases in August.

"It's finally time to admit it - Immortal Hulk is reaching the end of the story we set out to tell," Ewing said. "Issue #49 brings jade-jaws to the gates of the abyss and a final accounting of his life - in time for a last issue you'll have to experience to believe."

Immortal Hulk 49
(Photo: Alex Ross, Marvel Comics)

Marvel teases, "The gate is a thing of divine power - a thing of forever. But even for the strongest one there is, it bears the warning: ABANDON HOPE, ALL YE WHO ENTER HERE." You can see Alex Ross's cover to Immortal Hulk #49 above.

In June 2020, Bennett let slip that Immortal Hulk would end with its 50th issue. Marvel's announcement makes that ending official.

"Hulk is, I think, the most limitless character Marvel has," Ewing said during an interview with Comics Beat. "Part of that lack of limits is that you can speak to things that superhero comics generally shy away from. I say that, but I'm not doing anything Steve Gerber didn't do. Or Steve Englehart. I'm following the traditions of Marvel in the '70s. Maybe this is just part of comics. To be honest, I haven't had that much back-chat on it. Editorial have been wonderful in letting me do things my way. Joe [Bennett] has been wonderful as an artistic collaborator, and I've been working with him to make sure the stuff he wants to do is in the book. And the readers seem, generally, willing to come onboard. There are times when I thought I've gone too far on certain things. But I've been very happy with it."


How do you feel about Immortal Hulk coming to its end? Let us know what you think about it in the comments. Immortal Hulk #49 goes on sale on August 4th.

  • Written by AL EWING
  • Art by JOE BENNETT
  • Cover by ALEX ROSS
  • On Sale 8/4!