Marvel Teases the Most Ambitious Series to Ever Hit the Marvel Universe

Marvel Comics just released a teaser image announcing a new series with an all-star creative team. [...]

Marvel Comics just released a teaser image announcing a new series with an all-star creative team. They're calling it the "most ambitious series ever" and when Kurt Busiek, Alex Ross, and Yildiray Cinar are involved you can see where they're coming from. There aren't any more details at this time but there is a gorgeous teaser image including a mix of some old favorite heroes with some of the new guard. Mainstays like Spider-Man, Captain America, Human Torch, Iron Man, Punisher, and Storm are there. Arrkus is there as a fun inclusion for fans of older books and Marvel continuity. (Arrkus was the Golden Age Vision.) Aero makes an appearance as well along with a mystery character in a cool yellow and black costume and wings. Marvel says that more information will be coming next week on and the book is scheduled to be released in May. (Check out the art down below)

Last year, Busiek and Ross were busy with a 16-page story that allowed them to revisit the world of Marvels. Phil Sheldon and his family got to witness the Sentinel attacks first hand. That epilogue served to bookend all of the re-releases of the landmark miniseries. That wouldn't be the first time people got a return trip to that world as Marvel saw fit to dig into that setting during Marvels: Eye of the Camera in 2008.'s Russ Burlingame talked to Busiek back then about returning to familiar territory.

"In making Phil an observer and narrator, but not that much of a direct participant, we were hearkening back to older traditions, when novels were often narrated by someone off on the fringes of the action, someone who was in a position to know what happened because he or she knew the lead characters, but wasn't all that involved in events," Busiek explained. "It was fun working with Phil in that way, but since then, most of the narrators of Astro City stories, to pick an example, are both point-of-view characters and leads. In this case, Bill Jemas and Joe Quesada asked for the story to be as much about Phil as about what he witnesses, and given plans I'd had back when I'd been thinking of the story as a one-shot special, that dovetailed with my plans just fine. And it wasn't much of a mental shift -- like I said, I've been taking that approach long enough in Astro City, that it all kind of came together naturally."

(Photo: Marvel Comics, Marvel Entertainment)

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