Marvel Teases The Source Behind All Superhero Powers

Things are good for X-Men fans right now with Marvel Comics after the events of House of X. Now, the company might be filling in some important details about the biggest secrets in the entire Marvel Universe, namely, where all these different superpowers spring from. In X-Men/Fantastic Four #1, the company begins laying the groundwork for this reveal in Reed Richards' notes from the issue. The idea of a central source for the powers in this context has been floated before as many different comic stories intertwine over time, but this is the closest to an actual acknowledgment.

Warning: X-Men/Fantastic Four #1 SPOILERS Follow!

Franklin Richards is having a bit of trouble controlling his reality-manipulating powers after a trip to another dimension. His father is looking for a solution and that means getting to the heart of what makes the mutants powers work. All the while, there's pressure from the X-Men for Franklin to join their ranks on Krakoa. In his journal, Reed describes his theories on what's happening to his son's powers. There's an inter-dimensional power source at play, the "Godpower."

"Ever since the accident that gave us our extra abilities, I've been trying to reconcile the high energy expenditure of each of our power sets with our seemingly unchanged individual energy intake. The most basic laws of physics make this seem impossible. At first I suspected we were absorbing energy from the air, possibly low-level radiation, but the numbers never added up.

(Photo: Marvel Comics)

Then I came across the research of Dr. Rachna Koul, who specialized in imperiumology, the science of super-powers. She posited that superhumans are each connected to one or more intradimensional sources of energy, which she dubbed "Godpower." A solid theory, though I'm still unable to find that conduit in my studies of the Fantastic Four's power sets.

Franklin's diminishing powers would appear to lend credence to the Godpower theory, as he seems to be running out of the energy needed to use his powers. If we were to believe there is a Godpower source, then it's possible that Franklin's connection to that source is broken.
Whether or not it can be repaired depends on first proving its existence.



This will be something to watch going forward, it seems like the real shocking developments from this crossover are still coming. Whatever happens, Franklin Richards will likely be at the center of it.

X-Men / Fantastic Four #1 is now on sale.