Marvel Teasing Major Spider-Man/Venom Crossover

This Free Comic Book Day, Spider-Man and Venom are going to be back at it.

After a year that saw Spider-Man and Venom take over the pop culture landscape with two hit movies and a massively successful video game, it should be no surprise that the pitch Marvel has for bringing new fans into comic shops this May is symbiote-centric.

Earlier today, the publisher announced the creative teams behind FCBD Spider-Man/Venom #1, which they claim "might just become the most ordered and most sought out single issue in the entire history of FCBD!"

A high bar to clear? Perhaps -- but there is obviously a lot of affection for these characters, and it sounds like the one-shot will pay off some stuff that Marvel will be teasing, rather than just serving as the traditional one-off story or start to the event.

The issue will feature talent from across Marvel Comics's Spider-Man family of titles, including Tom Taylor, Saladin Ahmed, and Cory Smith on Spider-Man and Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman on Venom.

You can check out the official synopsis, which name-drops some of the biggest Spider-Man stories of the black costume era, below:

Everyone knows Miles Morales, who rose to fame in Marvel's acclaimed animated sensation Into The Spider-Verse - and with a second feature film arriving this year, Peter Parker will once again suit up to save the world with his web-slinging super powers! In a special FCBD story, creators Tom Taylor, Saladin Ahmed, and Cory Smith take these superstar heroes of the Spider-Verse in a shocking new direction, with a story that will build to one of Marvel's most fantastic and epic tales later this year!


And prepare for absolute terror within the pages of FCBD, as the Venom story by Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman sets the stage for what will become one of the most fearsome events in the Marvel Universe…

Nearly a year after the epic red-hot arc of the Red Goblin, Venom's dynamic creative team is bringing you a story that's been brewing since classic Spider-Man tales like Amazing Spider-Man #252, The Spectacular Spider-Man #90, Marvel Team-Up #141 – a saga so big and so absolutely action-packed, it will deliver the most dramatic story in all of FCBD history! Fans will be well aware by the summer of 2019 that "everyone is a target"…and this May, Marvel invites you to experience the threat for yourself!