Here's How Peggy Carter's Captain Carter Looks in Marvel's What If...? on Disney+

Peggy Carter will become Captain Carter in the upcoming Disney+ series Marvel's What If...? The Marvel Studios Expanding the Universe special now available on Disney+ offers a glimpse at what that story, and a few others, will look like in Marvel's first animated series. In the tradition of the long-running Marvel Comics series of the same name, the show imagines how a story from the Marvel Cinematic Universe would change if one thing went a different way. This story imagines what the world would have looked like if Peggy Carter had been the one to receive the super-soldier serum instead of Steve Rogers.

The preview special reveals a few different versions of Captain Carter. In one, she's wielding a British version of Captain America's shield. In another, she's in her traditional military dress. In another, she has a Union Jack mask over her face. Take a look at the images below.

Hayley Atwell returns to voice her live-action Marvel Cinematic Universe character. She's spoken previously about this new opportunity to play Carter in a different role. “So What If...?, the premise is, what if a crucial point changed, what would the consequences be?” Atwell said. “And in my episode, it’s if Peggy Carter became Captain Carter. She takes the serum, and Steve Rogers remains Steve Rogers, and she gets to pick up the shield and go on the adventure. So it’s a very different light that we’re seeing her in.”

Marvel What If Captain Carter
(Photo: Marvel)

“It’s a beautiful aesthetic, what they’ve done, and they’ve matched a lot of my vocal performance to then creating the animation. So you see a lot of her emotional reactions in the animation. So it doesn’t feel like it’s too kind of unrealistic or too cartoony, it just feels like it’s a beautiful tone that they’ve found with her.”

Captain Carter Marvel What If
(Photo: Marvel)

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