Miles Morales Replaces Captain America in New What if Series

Miles Morales is trading in his Spider-Man costume for a Captain America suit and shield in Marvel's new What If series. After teasing a Black Wolverine (who we now know was the young Spider-Man), Marvel Comics has officially announced What If... Miles Morales, a new comic debuting in March 2022 that sees Miles take over the mantles of familiar heroes like Wolverine, Captain America, Thor, and Hulk. The title will continue Marvel's expansion of the multiverse and answer the question, "What if Miles Morales followed in the footsteps of a Marvel hero other than Spider-Man?"

Each What If issue features a different creative team joining Miles Morales on this new saga, with the first issue coming from writer Cody Ziglar and artist Paco Medina. Miles' co-creator Sara Pichelli illustrates the main cover of the debut issue, showing Miles in a Captain America costume charging into action. Flying in the background is his version of Falcon, who is probably his new love interest and the young hero Starling. She so happens to be the granddaughter of the classic Spider-Man villain, Vulture. This Falcon also has a star-spangled costume on, similar to the one Sam Wilson wears as Captain America.

(Photo: Marvel Comics)

"I'm a supreme Miles stan and life-long Cap truther, so being asked to helm the kick off of this What If? series was a dream come true," Ziglar said. "Simply can't wait for folks to see our boy Miles yeet' that shield and how he handles the mantle of Captain America."

The original What If teaser showed a person of color in a red-and-black Wolverine costume with a hoodie and mask on their face. At the time it was unclear if this was Miles Morales or just an alternate universe version of X-23/Laura Kinney. While she normally has two Adamantium claws on her wrists, Miles' Wolverine is sporting four claws on each hand.

Miles has recently concluded his own Clone Saga, and also celebrated his 10th anniversary with a new costume designed by artist Chase Conley. "I had to the opportunity to redesign Miles Morales for his 10 year anniversary and I wanted to switch it up and give him a different silhouette," Conley wrote on Twitter. "I saw a few images circulating so I'm posting the page of poses. I'll post more angles soon:) #Spiderman #MilesMorales"


Written by CODY ZIGLAR 

Penciled by PACO MEDINA 


What if…Miles Morales had never been bitten by a genetically enhanced spider and became Spider-Man? What if instead…the U.S. government recruited, trained, and granted him incredible powers with the Super-Soldier Serum? What makes Miles a hero no matter the circumstances, no matter the reality?!