Moon Knight Directors on Finding Signature Action Style

The first reviews for Moon Knight have arrived, and most critics are praising the show's action pieces. Given that Moon Knight largely plays the role of a nighttime vigilante in the Marvel source material, directors Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead wanted to make sure action was at the forefront. Speaking with's Brandon Davis, the filmmakers said there was an intense pressure to get the character right.

The" pressure of bringing [Moon Knight to the screen] is a lot, because we have such a profound respect for the character and the roughly 45, 50 years of content around this character," Benson says. "And for us in that, like everything else, including the action sequences, it was about finding a way in these stories to talk as much as you can, and then communication becomes fighting. And how is that expressing who Moon Knight is, and the overall tone of the show? Just trying to make the fights like nothing you've ever seen, making them weird, just giving them something that's different from, from the usual operatic treatment of a big fight sequence."

Moorhead adds that an origin story is better when it comes fighting because fans get to learn about the Spector's exact fighting styles at the same time as the character at play.

"He's learning so much about himself as he gets into his first fights. And so much of those conversations is about like, what is he learning? You know, what is he learning? What is he learning about his own abilities?" Moorhead adds. "And that's actually really fun, because you get to come from a character perspective and you don't always have to, you know make it the world's biggest spectacle, because it's gonna pack a emotional punch, which I am cringing at just saying."

Marvel's next project is Moon Knight, which hits Disney+ on March 30th.

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