Moon Knight Writer Teases What to Expect for the Disney+ Show

In a matter of months, production will kick off on Moon Knight, a live-action series featuring favorite Marvel hero Marc Spector. Screenwriter Beau DeMayo has since joined the writers' room for the Marvel Studios series and since we had him on the line to talk about his The Witcher projects with Netflix, we had to ask about Spector, Jake Lockley, Steven Grant, and company. As you might expect, DeMayo had to stay tight-lipped on the production, though he did say fans of the character would definitely be happy with the end result.

"He has a rich legacy that's for sure," DeMayo says. "It's funny, last week I had dental surgery and I was driving home and I told my buddy, I'm like, 'I think Marvel implanted a microphone in my tooth in preparation for any interviews, to make sure I don't say anything.'"

He adds, "All I can really say is, one, [showrunner] Jeremy Slater is a frigging badass. He's so smart. He is a great, awesome guy to work for. And then, I know it sounds like pandering but it is so true that, as a fan coming into Marvel, it is so amazing to see the... we've heard it before with Kevin [Feige] and everybody's just... They do really care."

Feige — Marvel Studios president and Chief Creative Officer for Marvel Entertainment — is a notable genre fan and get his Hollywood start on X-Men in 2000. "It is amazing to sit in a place where you can tell that everybody is a fan and everybody wants to deliver the best quality, the best product," DeMayo adds. "And I think the vision that Kevin had and the vision Jeremy's had, I can't say what it is but I think people will really dig it."

The writer finishes by saying, "I know just as a fan, when they told me the take, I was just like, 'Oh shit, I want to watch that.'"


Like most other projects currently in development from Marvel Studios, details surrounding Moon Knight are under lock and key. So far, we've yet to hear of a casting choice, though some reports have suggested filming on the series won't actually begin until this November.

Moon Knight has yet to set a release date. Other Disney+ shows from Marvel Studios that have yet to set release windows include She-Hulk and Ms. Marvel.