Did Moon Knight Just Introduce A Key Fantastic Four Location to the MCU?

Moon Knight's premiere episode is now streaming on Disney+, and along with opening the door to an entirely new world of mystery and supernatural mysticsm, Moon Knight Episode 1 may have also set the stage for the Fantastic Four's impending arrival in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Full spoilers are below, but the Moon Knight trailers already showcased some of the scene in question, and Marvel fans have been running wild with theories ever since! 

WARNING: Moon Knight Episode 1 SPOILERS Follow!

A big pivot point in the Moon Knight premiere episode "The Goldfish Problem" comes when mild-mannered museum worker Steven Grant (Oscar Isaac) gets has one of his blackout moments, only to wake up in a strange new place, in a desperate situation. Steven finds himself in a quaint European village, battling the forces of cult leader Aurthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke). The sequence ends with a mad car chase and Steven blacking out once again, only to wake up at home in his bed in London, wondering if it had all been a dream. 

Marvel fans analyzing this middle act of Moon Knight's premiere are now theorizing that the show did a backdoor introduction of the country of Latveria – the kingdom of Doctor Doom!


Is this Castle Doom in "Moon Knight"? 

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If you rewatch the sequence of Steven Grant waking up and running from gunmen, you'll notice some key details that seem to hint this could be Latveria. The gun-toting goons wear purple and green color schemes that could be Doom's signature look; Grant also runs by what is clearly a castle in the background of one shot. A castle, a chateau, and a town with an old-world feel and a populace willing to fall in line behind a charismatic leader? Yeah, definitely could be Latveria. 

In the comics, Victor Von Doom isn't just a supervillain and sorcerer genius – he's also a monarch. Doom is king of Latveria, and as such has often been able to circumvent some of the typical legal and/or governmental backlash for his villainous acts. The town has also been the site for numerious pivotal developments in the Marvel Universe. 

Fans have been seriously wondering just how the Fantastic Four (and their larger universe of characters) will be incorporated into the MCU. Based on Moon Knight's premiere, the answer may be: any and everywhere they can. 

Moon Knight is now streaming on Disney+.