Moon Knight: Why Eternals Cameos Were Cut Explained

Moon Knight took place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe but maintained an isolated nature for its story with no cameos or strong ties to other characters. The Avengers did not show up, there were very few callouts to the grander universe, and Moon Knight was the centerpiece of it all. In developing the Disney+ series, Moon Knight did come close to including a couple of cameos. Not only was Kit Harington's Dane Whitman considered for an appearance at Steven Grant's museum but a few members of the Eternals almost popped into the show. 

In the, "early days," of development, Moon Knight's creative team thought about bringing Eternals into the series, executive producer Grant Curtis said on the Phase Zero podcast. "It's such an incredible universe that Kevin, Lou, Victoria have created over the years with obviously a lot of other incredible producers at Marvel," Curtis said. "And the knee-jerk reaction is to try to ask if you can play with all the toys, whoever that might be, who has traveled in and out of the Moon Knight universe on the comic book pages. But what we did realize early on is those connections just did not jive with the story we were telling because you guys know this. At Marvel, it's character, character, character first. And all of the shows at Marvel are truly intense character studies."

In the case of Moon Knight, the team decided to focus on the tale being told in Egypt with the personalities contained into the main character's body being the focus. "Once we really started to wrestle with the character study that is Marc Spector, that is Steven Grant, that is Jake Lockley, and this crazy Egyptian God that's manipulating them, Khonshu, the more those connectivity points just faded away and the more we have what you guys saw on screen," Curtis explained.

"I really like the fact that my mom of all people can jump into the MCU and enjoy Moon Knight as much as the guy or gal who's seen every MCU offering you can ever imagine," the executive producer went on. "She loved the show. My dad loved the show. They see a lot of Marvel stuff. They don't see it all. And they did not need to know all of the backstory of what had happened before. And so, hey, at some point there's a lot of names that you guys know that have floated in and out of a possibility to be in this series. But the reality is we needed Marc. We needed Steven. We needed Jake, Scarlet Scarab, and Khonshu, and Arthur Harrow, and a few others. Taweret. We think our show is pretty complete with what we have."

Did you want to see some Marvel cameos in Moon Knight or are you happy the series stayed focused on its main character? Share your thoughts in the comment section! Moon Knight is available now on Disney+. Phase Zero's full interview with Grant Curtis is available now on all major podcast platforms.