Moon Knight Crew Made an Absurd Amount of Mr. Knight Costumes for Series

Moon Knight wasted no time in introducing Mr. Knight, a fan-favorite identity donned by the eponymous vigilante. Because the lavish suit is all-white, it's reasonable to believe Marvel Studios made plenty just in case one was damaged or stained during photography. As it turns out, plenty suits were the tune of approximately four dozen.

That's right, Moon Knight costume designer Meghan Kasperlik and her team crafted 47 separate Mr. Knight suits for the production.

"If you see episode two, they film Mr. Knight at night in the streets of London. Cobblestone streets with a wet down, and there's some little bit of action in there, and there are some things happening," Kasperlik tells us. "In total, we had about 47 Mr. Knight suits."

As Kasperlik says, she didn't even need to go out to a vendor for the Mr. Knight look. Everything was crafted in-house by her team.

"All of them were made in-house by my team," the costumer adds. "I had amazing bespoke tailors and we had them for Oscar [Isaac] and his stunts. Because every time you put a knee down in the wet...the suit is white, so we had a little help from our visual effects friends...but yeah, we had a lot of suits."

Furthermore, if you look closely enough, the look also has hand-crafted buttons in the shape of Khonshu's moon symbol. Those were all meticulously created in-house.

"On Mr. Knight, the Easter egg in that is that the buttons on the waistcoat are custom buttons that are Khonshu's symbol," Kasperlik says. "I had a metalsmith in-house that was making all of those for the 47 suits."

Four episodes of Moon Knight are now streaming on Disney+, and new episodes will be released every Wednesday.

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