Moon Knight: Oscar Isaac Teases Jake Lockley Personality

Through its first four episodes, Moon Knight has now dropped a couple of teases that a third personality is checking into the body which Marc Spector and Steven Grant have been sharing. Someone killed men in Egypt when they both claim to not have been responsible for it and a third sarcophagus was seen in the final moments of Episode 4, indicating another personality was trying to emerge into the mental institution setting as they did. In an interview with following Episode 4, Moon Knight star Oscar Isaac opened up a bit about whether or not we should expect to see Jake Lockley in the series.

"I'd say that you're right," Isaac said about the teases of Jake Lockley. "That it's definitely things are pointing towards the idea that it's not just Steven and Marc in that system, that there's possibly others. Yeah, that's something that we discussed. Two episodes left to find out." Jake Lockley is a third personality from the pages of Moon Knight comics who operates as a cab driver and collects information on the ground level through informants like Crawley, a character which has already been introduced in the Disney+ series

Isaac knows a thing or two about Moon Knight comics, too. There are a few storylines he is eager to see brought to life in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. "Yeah, I mean, look, the Bushman saga, that whole thing was pretty amazing," Isaac said. "You can't beat cutting off someone's face and then surviving. I mean, that's a pretty good villain's backstory. Yeah, that's amazing." In fact, the most recent episode of Moon Knight hints to Marc Spector's origin story from comics when Khonshu bestowed the powers on him for the first time. This story involved Bushman, so it's possible the series offers some flashbacks to introduce the villain to the MCU.

With only two episodes left and the next appearance uncertain, it is unclear when and where we will see Moon Knight beyond this debut in the Disney+ series. However, it does seem more and more likely that stories and alternate personalities from the source material are going to emerge in the MCU.

Are you hoping to see Jake Lockley soon? Share your thoughts in the comment section or send them my way on Twitter. Moon Knight releases new episodes on Disney+ on Wednesdays. You can watch the full interview with Oscar Isaac and May Calamawy on the official Phase Zero YouTube channel.