Former 'Daredevil' Showrunner Wants to Make a 'Moon Knight' TV Series

Could this be it? Could Moon Knight finally have the champion he needs to make it to [...]

Could this be it? Could Moon Knight finally have the champion he needs to make it to television?

Steven S. DeKnight, director of Pacific Rim: Uprising and former showrunner/producer of Marvel's Daredevil series on Netflix, recently spoke with IGN about his current and future projects. He brought wide smiles to the faces of Marvel fans when he revealed that the beloved character Moon Knight was certainly on his radar.

"I wouldn't mind taking a crack at Moon Knight at some point," DeKnight said. He went on to explain that his upcoming slate of projects is the only thing keeping him from returning to the world of Marvel.

"There are so many characters that I love in the Marvel universe," DeKnight continued. "Really, for me, it would be about schedule. My schedule these days, as you imagine, is a little tight. God, you know, when I signed onto Daredevil, I expressed an interest in Iron Fist and the Punisher, which I both loved. I'd love to see Moon Knight get a little bit of love. Great, great character."

Moon Knight was originally a CIA operative-turned mercenary who, following his death, was resurrected by the Egyption moon god Khonsu to exact vengeance on his enemies. The character was heavily featured in the Marvel Knights imprint, along with the likes of Daredevil, The Punisher, and other characters who have appeared in the Marvel-Netflix universe.

DeKnight is no stranger to this dark and gritty franchise, serving as the showrunner on Daredevil for its first season. Even though he's been away from the characters since 2015, DeKnight remains a big fan of the series.

"I've watched them all. I mean, I loved my time there. It was interesting, I actually came into season one of Daredevil to help out my old buddies, Drew Goddard and Jeph Loeb," DeKnight said. "I watch all of the Marvel Netflix shows. I love the guys at Marvel, I love the people at Netflix, and I think there are some fantastic shows. Especially Luke Cage, which I really, really enjoyed."

Moon Knight is a character that many fans have been hoping would get his own series on Netflix at some point in the near future. While he's certainly a fit for that style of TV, the one thing potentially getting in the way is the upcoming launch of Disney's original streaming service. The parameters of how this will affect Marvel's relationship is fairly unkown, apart from the fact that the shows currently airing on Netflix will continue to do so.