Moon Knight Writer Says Casting Process Was Terrifying

Oscar Isaac became a household name largely thanks to his role in Lucasfilm's Star Wars sequel trilogy. After three film appearances there, the actor left the cosmos to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Not only did the actor end up playing a variety of roles in Marvel's Moon Knight, but he also earned producing credits on the property for his commitment to the character. It's the fact that Isaac had to play several roles that made the casting process one of the most terrifying aspect of the show's development, according to head writer Jeremy Slater.

"We were constantly terrified," Slater recently told The Playlist of the Moon Knight casting process. "And you know that it's ultimately a decision that's going to be out of your hands. That is a decision that is made at the highest levels because this is a character who could potentially show up again in the Marvel universe in a multitude of different ways. So, we knew we weren't necessarily going to have a say in that casting. We had faith and trust in Marvel that they wouldn't stick us with someone terrible."

Still, Slater said he and his writer's room still discussed who they'd like to see in the role, despite Marvel's Sarah Halley Finn taking point on the project.

"But you still play that game with your writers where you say, 'Well, what about this guy? And what about this actor and that actor?' And I don't want to throw any actors under the bus, but every now and then someone would toss out a name, and everyone around the room would kind of groan and be like, 'Oh god, if it's that guy, we're dead in the water,'" the writer added.

When Isaac was cast in the role, Slater said the entire writing staff was relieved.

"When they told us it was Oscar Isaac, I think everyone just had such a collective sigh of relief, of like, 'Oh, we couldn't ask for a better actor. We're in amazing hands right now," Slater concluded. "And that's when we knew we could push this even farther. We can have scenes, where this guy is switching back and forth between the different, alters in the same scene, in the same shot, because we had so much faith that whatever you throw at Oscar, he's just going to knock it out of the park."

Moon Knight is now streaming in its entirety on Disney+."

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