Ms. Marvel VFX Team Says Change in Powers May Be Explored in Future Installments

Even though Marvel Studios typically likes to remain exceptionally close to the source material, the Kevin Feige-led outfit changed things up with Ms. Marvel, giving Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani) light construct powers instead of her traditional "stretchy" powers seen in the comics. Despite the show's first season lasting six episodes, it never really dove into the source of Khan's powers.

As one of the show's VFX team members tells us, he thinks it was purposefully left a bit open so that it could be explored much further in a future property.

"Obviously, she's got quite a strong history in comic book. There was significant effort to make sure that we incorporate not just things from the comics, but also her cultural history, things like the bracelet that has been passed down through generations in her family, her ties to the Noor Dimension, and the kind of powers that she draws from that," Digital Domain's Dave Cunningham tells us. 

He adds, "So the look of it is of making sure that all of those things combine to have part of that rich backstory is much of who she is as just her powers from the comic book. And I also think that it's leaving a bit of room there for the future Ms. Marvel projects to expand further on those powers."

Cunningham says Marvel was insistent from the leap on changing the powers into something resembling "hard light."

"As you see on episode six, she can expand the length of this hard light to give her this almost exoskeleton-like shield of power," the filmmaker continues. "So it was imbued with some of those properties from the comic book, but it was more the hard light itself that doing those stretches. It was an interesting balance to try and strike between her comic book stretchy limbs and where we're going with the MCU with the hard light that is sourced by the Noor Dimension and the bracelet."

The first season of Ms. Marvel is now streaming on Disney+.

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