Netflix's The Punisher Might Already Be In Production

Currently, Netflix and Marvel Television have kept mum ON when The Punisher will start streaming. [...]

Currently, Netflix and Marvel Television have kept mum ON when The Punisher will start streaming. The much-anticipated series will see Jon Bernthal reprise his role as Frank Castle, AKA: Punisher. But, according to a New York Comic Con promo, it seems like The Punisher could soon close a release date. A recent Twitter has fans speculating that the series is already in production.

The official New York Comic Con Twitter uploaded a photo that clarifies which dates Jon Bernthal will appear at the event. "Due to his Netflix production schedule, @jonnybernthal will only be at #NYCC on Saturday and Sunday," the post reads. So, naturally, fans immediately gravitated to the phrase 'Netflix production schedule.'

If the actor's convention schedule is limited because he's shooting The Punisher, then most won't mind the inconvenience. Fans have been eager to see Punisher take on a solo series since he debuted in Daredevil Season Two and caused all kinds of chaos in Hell's Kitchen. The mercenary managed to endear fans who fell for his tragic past and no-nonsense stance on justice. Others - well, they were just happy to see the Marvel icon shed some blood.

As for when The Punisher might get a release date, fans aren't sure. The series was rumored to have been pushed to 2017 following a Netflix gaff, but executives assured fans at San Diego Comic Con that the series would land in 2018. So far, Marvel Television has been busy casting talent for the series.

Earlier this month, TVLine confirmed that Ben Barnes had joined The Punisher. Details about the character are being kept quiet, but many believe the British actor will play Bobby Saint, an organized crime boss who rubs Frank Castle the wrong way. The greasy villain first debuted in The Punisher (2004) and was played by James Carpinello.

The Punisher is also allegedly looking to cast someone as David Lieberman who is better known as Microchip. The character has a long history with Punisher. He is one of the mercenaries only allies and provides Punisher with high-grade ammunition and impressive computer hacking help. In the comics, Microchip gets involved with Punisher after Wilson Fisk murders his nephew and prompts the reclusive sidekick to seek revenge. While Microchip has become somewhat of an antagonist in the comics recently, the character is one who famously advised Punisher about his on-going war in Hell's Kitchen.

Before The Punisher hits Netflix, several other Marvel adaptations will begins streaming. Luke Cage will join titles like Daredevil and Jessica Jones by the month's end. Iron Fist and The Defenders will be coming to the small screen next. And, what's more, a second season of Jessica Jones and a third season of Daredevil will air alongside The Punisher sometime in 2018.

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