New Deadpool Build-A-Bear Pandapool Revealed

Many of your favorite heroes and pop culture characters have had the honor of getting their own [...]

Many of your favorite heroes and pop culture characters have had the honor of getting their own Build-A-Bear, but few have been crossed over quite like this. That's because the merc with a mouth Deadpool is getting an amazing crossover with everyone's favorite animal the Panda, and when they combine the form the incredible Pandapool. Pandapool keeps the Panda design and shape but features Deadpool-style eyes and expression, as well as a belt with his logo. Pandapool is all red and black (aside from the eyes and mouth), and there is also a Deadpool logo on his right bottom paw.

If you're a fan of Deadpool and Pandas, well, this is a no-brainer, and with the holidays coming up if you have a Deadpool fan in the family and are looking for something one of a kind, Build-A-Bear has given you the perfect option.

Pandapool is an online exclusive and can be ordered here for $40.00. While he is online-only, you can still order him in a gift box or a Cub Condo and create a Birth Certificate for him just like in the physical stores, though he cannot be ordered unstuffed.

(Photo: Build-A-Bear)

You can check out the official description below.

"Join the pandamonium with Build-A-Bear as Pandapool! This comic book character is bringing the action as an online exclusive item. He comes with a built-in belt and the Deadpool logo on the left paw pad. Build-A-Bear as Pandapool makes a must-have gift for movie fans and collectors!

This item cannot be purchased unstuffed. A scent or sound cannot be placed inside this pre-stuffed item."

(Photo: Build-A-Bear)

Now Pandapool is not the only exclusive Marvel bear you can find on the site, as other options include the Loki Bear, Spider-Man Bear, Phoenix Force Bear, Black Widow Bear, and Wolverine Bear. The coolest might be the Phoenix Force Bear, as the full set features two outfits (core Green and Dark Phoenix Red) and fiery fur, and her paws feature Phoenix art.

The Phoenix Bear can be found here and you can check out the official description below.

"Bring home one of the most powerful heroes in the universe in furry friend form! This Phoenix Force stuffed animal gift set includes this action-packed collector's item wearing its reversible bodysuit costume. Marvel fans can make an epic new friendship when they add their very own Phoenix Force to their collection!"