Marvel's MODOK Emoji Released

Ten days from now, Marvel's MODOK will hit Hulu. As such, the streamer is preparing by going [...]

Ten days from now, Marvel's MODOK will hit Hulu. As such, the streamer is preparing by going all-in on its marketing this week and next. Tuesday, the Disney-owned platform released a quick ten-day teaser, revealing the bizarre baddie also has his own emoji for use on Twitter. Like all other hashtags, all you need to do is tweet #MODOK and you'll see the bizarre Marvel villain appear.

MODOK showrunner Jordan Blum announced the news earlier in the day, joking about Patton Oswalt placing a curse upon phones around the world. "If you hashtag #MODOK, you get an adorable little Patton Oswalt trapped inside your phone screen," the writer tweeted. "Part of his curse is that he has to laugh at all your jokes and tell you how handsome you look today."

We caught up with Oswalt last week, and the actor told us that time he'd love to see MODOK make the transition to live-action at some point after Hulu's animated take airs.

"Especially with the stuff that they're doing now with, with animation and combining animation and live-action, it just gets better and better every movie," Oswalt said. "The idea of creating this thing doing it live-action with a, you know, either taking someone's face and changing it or just, absolutely [I think it could work.] And it would even be more amazing if you do a combination of animation and practical, like build the suit build the chair and have that be part of it so that there's that feeling of solidity there I think would be amazing."

All 10 episodes of MODOK hit Hulu on May 21st. If you haven't signed up for Hulu yet you can try it out here.

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