Rob Liefeld Is Confident About Deadpool's Post-Disney Future

Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld told during a recent interview that he is not worried that his R-rated, ultraviolent merc with a mouth is going to have a hard time fitting in at 20th Century Fox's new parent company, the family-friendly Walt Disney Corporation. In the time since the Disney/Fox merger has been a rumor, the billion-dollar Deadpool film franchise came up again and again, with Disney always expressing excitement. Marvel Studios, who have yet to have an R-rated film at Disney, will presumably be taking over the X-Men properties, Deadpool included, and Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige has said, basically, "if it ain't broke don't fix it."

The comics superstar said that he has, on a couple of occasions, approached Disney chief Bob Iger to introduce himself as the creator of Deadpool, and that Iger had expressed to him how much Disney likes the character and how excited they are to add it to their portfolio. Liefeld thinks that the pleasantries they have exchanged the the enthusiasm for the character is genuine, joking that Iger is "a pretty important guy," and that if he did not want to talk about it he could just as easily avoid Liefeld. "He's never had security throw me out," Liefeld joked. "When we have talked it's always been very good."

"Kevin [Feige] is in that same space, maybe, given this ridiculous success," Liefeld added, drawing a parallel between the Marvel honcho and his studio boss. "But I would also ask Kevin at these functions and he is saying publicly now what he said to me privately, which he does not need to say. The thing that the readers need to see is, they can just as easily say nothing, and when they need to, they are very good at saying nothing The fact that we're getting some good news is a positive. I expect Deadpool to have a giant future at Disney. I absolutely 100% know that he's got a bright future there."

There is no official word yet on when the next Deadpool project will come along -- but that is not exactly out of the ordinary, given that no new Marvel projects have officially been dated following Spider-Man: Far From Home yet. Iger has suggested that fans can likely expect to hear more details about Marvel's "Phase Four" films this summer.



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