Rumored Details On Why Deadpool 2 Lost Its Director

Fans of the wildly successful Deadpool movie were shocked last week when it was announced that [...]

Fans of the wildly successful Deadpool movie were shocked last week when it was announced that director Tim Miler was leaving the sequel.

The vision for Deadpool had been a collaborative passion project between Miller and Ryan Reynolds, the star of the film. After he portrayed the character in the poorly-received 2009 film X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Reynolds teamed up with Miller in order to do Deadpool justice.

The Deadpool film went on to become the highest-grossing R-Rated film in box office history, and comic fans felt it was one of the most accurate depictions of a super hero to date.

Last week, it was revealed that Miller was leaving the sequel, citing creative differences with Ryan Reynolds. These differences were rumored to be over the style of the film, as well as who to cast as the long-time Deadpool character, Cable.

The Wrap is now reporting that there may have been some more truth to the differences in style than originally thought.

According to their sources, Miller wanted to make a very different movie from the vision of Reynolds and writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick. While the trio wanted to make a film with a slightly lower budget, focusing on the gritty tone and vulgar humor, Tim Miller wanted to take the film to a broader audience.

Miller wanted to triple the budget of the first Deadpool film, which was $58 million, and focus on a sleeker style. In his vision, the sequel would adopt a format more like the other big-budget super hero films.

Deadpool (2)

The two sides couldn't meet in the middle on this issue, and it was Miller who ended up getting the boot. Fox wasn't about to lose Reynolds, who is the biggest driving force behind the film's success, and they knew that fans wanted to keep Deadpool true to his edgy roots.

By following a different formula, the Deadpool sequel wouldn't be able to repeat the success of the first.

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Source: The Wrap