Marvel's Runaways Season 3 Poster Released

Marvel TV is heading back to the West Coast this December as Hulu gears up for the third season of Marvel's Runaways. The fan-favorite series is preparing for a third go-round after two largely well-received seasons in previous years. Like the second season, this new installment will once again follow the binge model, allowing fans to burn through each and every episode as soon as it's released. Of course, the release method isn't what has everyone talking going into the third season. Runaways will feature the main characters of Cloak & Dagger for a crossover event in one of the new Season 3 episodes, and it has everyone excited to see what's to come.

Throwing more coal on the fires and stoking the hype for the new season, Marvel has released a brand new poster for Runaways Season 3. It looks like a much darker, more dangerous adventure awaits the teenage heroes in the episodes ahead. The poster was shared on the show's social media channels Monday afternoon with the following message:

"Dark. Days. Ahead. The Runaways return December 13 on Hulu."

runaways s3 poster
(Photo: Hulu)

The danger will be different in Season 3, which explains why the Runaways will need a little help from Cloak & Dagger. The two heroes from the Freeform Marvel series will appear in one episode at some point during the season, though there's no telling exactly when that will be. Both Aubrey Joseph and Olivia Holt will reprise their roles in the crossover episode.

Although Runaways hasn't directly teased the arrival of these other heroes in the past, the Season 2 finale of Cloak & Dagger heavily hinted at the crossover. The two titular characters ended up running away from New Orleans at the end of the episode, saying that they were heading out to the beach where bodies had been washing up on the shore. That tied pretty directly to the storyline of Runaways and a few months later the crossver was officially announced.

“It’s so fun being able to do something that revels in the Mighty Marvel Manner," said Marvel TV boss Jeph Loeb. "Having these young heroes crossover allows fans of both shows to see the adventure everyone has been waiting for and we’ve only hinted at.”


Are you looking forward to the new season of Marvel's Runaways? What are you expectations for the crossover episode? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

The first two seasons of Marvel's Runaways are currently streaming on Hulu.