Ryan Coogler Explains How Black Panther Is Different From Other Marvel Movies

With each new Marvel movie, the studio manages to create a feeling of something fresh. Whether they're going from one Iron Man movie to the next or taking us to space on an adventure with the Guardians of the Galaxy, each film has a unique tone and proves that the endless catalog of characters can remain fresh.

Black Panther was introduced to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Captain America: Civil War and is barrelling toward his own movie. In 2018, we will be taken to Wakanda with Black Panther.

But how will Black Panther, another standalone super hero film, differ itself from the preceding over-a-dozen movies from the same brand? We posed the question to the film's director at San Diego Comic Con.

"I think the answer is in a couple of things: who T'Challa is as a character, that's kind of what you see with each Marvel film," Ryan Coogler explains. "The answer is with who that guy is like with Captain America, he was a guy that was running around in World War II and that's what the film started off as and they brought him out of the ice and it was about this dude who was brought into this technological, digital world. So, with this we start with who T'Challa is. He's a African King, he inherited his throne, and that's the most important thing about him if you ask him. That's the biggest job that he has and how that effects his personal life and how that effects the country that he's in charge of, it kind of lends itself to its own story that is so different from anything that we've ever seen."


T'Challa inherited his throne during the events of Captain America: Civil War earlier this year. We'll see how he bounces back when Black Panther hits theaters February 16, 2018.