Ryan Reynolds Jokes Around With Hugh Jackman On Twitter

When Twitter user @MissAmerican1998 sent an innocent tweet to Hugh Jackman, she couldn’t have imagined how the event would turn. The fan shared a photo of some artwork she did of Wolverine and Deadpool with the Aussie actor, and he was all-too eager to respond. So, naturally, Reynolds answered the actor when Jackman called him out online.

Jackman started the exchange with his response to @MissAmerica1998. The actor wrote, “Awesome artwork though feel it would be better if [Ryan Reynolds] weren’t (always) lurking my shadow.” The fan-art does show Deadpool hanging close behind Wolverine, so some may dare say the mouthy merc is hanging on the grumpy mutant’s coattails.

Clearly, Reynolds is not one of those people. The actor then responded to Jackman’s tweet with the following message: “I’m not lurking in your shadow. I’m caressing its soft, shadowy fur.”

The latter’s tweet is exemplary of Reynolds and his humor. The Canadian actor is known for his witty banter on social media, and Twitter has been his go-to destination from hilarious diatribes. However, the actor did stray from the venue when he approached another celebrity earlier this year. The actor used Instagram to educate Nathan Fillion about proper coffee mugs, and fans were definitely amused by the interaction.

It was started when Fillion posted a photo of his Spider-Man coffee mug. Not long afterwards, another picture was posted to the actor’s account that showed off a brand-new Deadpool mug. "Let's try this again,” Fillion wrote. “I sure can't face a day without coffee. (Coffee mug provided by a generous grant from @vancityreynolds, along with a thinly veiled threat.)"

Since Deadpool premiered this summer, fans have been frequently checking the actor’s Twitter to see what Reynolds had to say. He went on a notable tweet spree about fatherhood after Reynolds and his wife Blake Lively gave birth to their daughter. And, last month, the actor returned to his Marvel roots when he praised the first trailer for Logan, the final Wolverine flick.

“Inject this film directly into my face immediately,” he wrote, and fans everywhere felt themselves align with the statement. The highly anticipated trailer had superhero fans flocking to Youtube, and Reynolds was an eager participant in the fervor as well.