She-Hulk Star Ginger Gonzaga Teases Random Marvel Cameos Coming in the Disney+ Series

She-Hulk star Ginger Gonzaga is teasing more of those Marvel cameos ahead of the show. Phase Zero's Jenna Anderson talked to the actress during the Hollywood premiere for the Disney+ show. Once the trailer for She-Hulk dropped online, the conversation around this show shifted towards what surprises could be lurking. All it took was one look at Charlie Cox's Daredevil in that new yellow suit for people to start theorizing about who else could be in the margins around there. But, it wasn't just highly-anticipated elements like that. Frog-Man, Wong, and Abomination are all right there with top billing as well. So, there will be both deep cut pulls from Marvel lore and some MCU prospective long-term players in there too. It's all heating up and might grow to be even more prominent as time goes on. Check out what Gonzaga had to say about all of it right here.

"I can't wait for people to see a lot of the silliness, and I can't wait for them to meet these characters," she said. "Because we're a superhuman law division, that represents them wonderfully. Jessica [Gao] was able to bring in all these comics characters we've never seen before. Brandon Stanley's Leap-Frog! It's hilarious! A bunch of silly superhuman."

Later in their conversation, Gonzaga talked about how much Nikki would like to see her friend Jennifer Walters on the Avengers one day. There have to be some perks for being a BFF with one of Earth's Mightiest Heroes right?

"Nikki would be like, please be an Avenger so that I can know everyone and be friends with all of them and also get all the perks that come with that," Gonzaga laughed. "Nikki's the best plus one, like, that just is, like, celebrity-adjacent without all the things that come with being a celebrity. So, I mean, since Nikki's such a ride-or-die for She-Hulk, she would probably also be like, you need to be an Avenger because I need to, like, let everyone know that you're the best one. And I'm friends with the best one. But, yeah, Nikki loves everything like sparkly and flashy, so if you've got super powers, she's definitely down."

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