She-Hulk's Best Friend Wants Her to Be an Avenger

She-Hulk's best friend wants to see the new hero become an Avenger. Phase Zero's Jenna Anderson spoke to Ginger Gonzaga on the green carpet for the show's premiere. If Jennifer Walters wants a place in the next Avengers movie, her best friend is all about that. In the show, Nikki is one of She-Hulk's main support pillars. They go through the entire journey of her getting her powers together. If that happens to come with some residual shine for her best friend, Gonzaga wouldn't mind at all. It's interesting that this would come up after all those reveals at San Diego Comic-Con recently. Fans from all over are wondering who will make the cut for Avengers: Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars. Both of those event films are years away, but that won't stop a frothing fanbase from picking their favorites to join Earth's Mightiest Heroes when they all unite again. Check out her answer down below for yourself!

"Nikki would be like, please be an Avenger so that I can know everyone and be friends with all of them and also get all the perks that come with that," Gonzaga joked. "Nikki's the best plus one, like, that just is, like, celebrity-adjacent without all the things that come with being a celebrity. So, I mean, since Nikki's such a ride-or-die for She-Hulk, she would probably also be like, you need to be an Avenger because I need to, like, let everyone know that you're the best one. And I'm friends with the best one. But, yeah, Nikki loves everything like sparkly and flashy, so if you've got super powers, she's definitely down."

But, then she had to address if things would change between Nikki and Jen once those powers came into play. The actress doesn't think so, because at her core, the lawyer is still mostly the same woman. She likened it to having a celebrity friend who might have that elevated status in public, but will always be the goofy person you've known in private.

"No, I think because Jen retains her consciousness, for me, I'm like, it's like when you have a celebrity friend and you're like, well, you're not a celebrity to me," she explained. "You're still just plain old Jen, you know? So I do think it gets more reckless as the show goes, like, and any anything that I'm trying to encourage She-Hulk to do that she doesn't do, I might take into my own hands. So it definitely gets reckless with how much I'm encouraging Jennifer to essentially fly into danger. Yeah."

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