Marvel Cancels 'She-Hulk' Series

Another series is, unfortunately, coming to an end as Marvel Comics continues to prune their publishing line in early 2018.

The ongoing She-Hulk series, originally launched under the title Hulk, will end with She-Hulk #163. Writer Mariko Tamaki confirmed the news via Twitter.

“For those of you asking online, yes, it is true, #163 will be my final issue with She-Hulk,” Tamaki wrote. “That said, these issues coming up are my favorite issues! We wanted to leave this series with Jen/She-Hulk ready for all the things she has ahead of her, and I think we’ve done that. Also, we’ve included some more Hulk Smashing, for kicks. I’m fortunate to have had the opportunity to write this character through some serious challenges. I worked with an incredible team and collaborated with incredible artists on this series, and I can’t wait to tell you the stuff we are working on next! Which I cannot. As it is obviously top secret. Or I would tell you. But it is awesome.”

Editor Christina Harrington confirmed on Twitter that She-Hulk #163 would not only be the end of Tamaki’s run but the end of the series, though she also teased that there were plans for Jen Walters going forward.

“Everyone involved with this book poured their hearts into it--and we've been lucky to use the next few months to resolve big beats for Jen,” Harrington tweeted. “You don't want to miss 162 & 163. They set She-Hulk up for what's next...though I can't say anything about that just yet.”

She-Hulk is the seventh book canceled by Marvel in early 2018. Others include Luke Cage, Generation X, Hawkeye, Iceman, Jean Grey, and The Unbelievable Gwenpool.


Secret Warriors and Defenders are also missing from Marvel's March 2018 solicitations, though they have not been confirmed as canceled as of yet. Secret Warriors writer Matthew Rosenberg commented on this recent round of news.

"There is no bloodbath of cancellations," he Tweeted. "Some books end so new ones can take their place. That's just the cycle."