Andrew Garfield Says He's Excited to See What Marvel Has Planned for Spider-Man: No Way Home

Marvel fans around the world are convinced that former Spider-Man actors Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield are going to be joining current franchise star Tom Holland in Spider-Man: No Way Home this December. Thanks to supposed leaks and rumors online, there's really nothing the actors can say to make fans believe them, but that doesn't mean Garfield hasn't tried. The actor is now in the middle of his second movie press tour in the last couple of months and he has not stopped fielding questions about his involvement in No Way Home, many of them coming with a wink from whoever is asking.

At the premiere of his new film Tick, Tick... BOOM!, the directorial debut from Lin-Manuel Miranda that sees Garfield playing late Rent playwright Jonathan Larson, Garfield was questioned once again about Spider-Man. When asked by Extra whether or not he would appear in the new movie, Garfield continued his stance that he isn't involved, but did take a second to hype up this current iteration of the web-crawling hero.

"I really love what that whole team have done with the character," Garfield said. "Like, I really love what Jon Watts has done, what Tom has done, what Amy Pascal and Kevin Feige have done with this incarnation of the character, and they have given it so much soul and so much fun and joy and it is so true to the character."

"I will say this: I'm very excited to see what they've done with their third installment," he added

Spider-Man: No Way Home will be dealing with the idea of the multiverse, which is where the idea of different versions of Spider-Man appearing comes from. Alfred Molina has already been confirmed by Marvel and Sony to be playing Otto Octavious, aka Doc Ock, reprising his role from Spider-Man 2. There are also reports that Jamie Foxx and Willem Dafoe will be returning as Electro and Green Goblin, respectively. The official poster for No Way Home seems to confirm the involvement of at least their characters. With all of the returns that fans already know a little bit about, it would feel like a pretty big surprise of Garfield and Maguire weren't actually in the movie. 

We only have a month left to see who appears in Spider-Man: No Way Home. That's an entire month of Garfield being asked questions he has already answered, even if nobody believes him.