Spider-Man: No Way Home Just Launched Its First In-Universe TikTok Account The Daily Bugle

Spider-Man: No Way Home has launched its first in-universe TikTok account, and not surprisingly it's modeled after the Daily Bugle news outlet. Daily Bugle intern Betty Brant (Angourie Rice) appears in the Daily Bugle TikTok, letting Spider-Man fans know about her new job status working for the Daily Bugle as an intern/manager of the Bugle's TikTok account. The video takes a humorous turn when Betty's excitement about her "first real job!" crashes against the reality of finding out (on-camera no less) that's she's actually an unpaid intern for the Bugle. 


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Here's what Betty Brant has to say in her introduction of the Daily Bugle TikTok account (and by extension, the newest social media venture for Sony and Marvel's Spider-Man franchise): 

"Hi TikTok! I'm Betty Brant. Some of you may know me from my award-worthy work for the Midtown High Student Paper, but I'm super excited to announce I'm the newest intern for the Daily Bugle and I'm going to be running our official TikTok account! This is an honor and a dream come true. I promise to bring you the fair, balanced, and hard-hitting news you've grown to expect from the Daily Bugle. I can't believe: my first real job is-- this is a real job right? Like, I'm getting paid for this? [job title flashes from "intern" to "unpaid intern" on the screen] Good to know! [strained laugh]" 

The Daily Bugle made a big, climactic return to the Spider-Man movie universe at the end of Spider-Man: Far From Home. J. Jonah Jameson (J.K. Simmons reprising his role from the Raimi Spider-Man movies) swooped in on the "scoop" that Spider-Man murdered Mysterio in cold-blood – will also taking the villain's bait by exposing Peter Parker as Spider-Man to the entire world. The Spider-Man franchise has since used the Daily Bugle online outlet as a viral marketing platform used to help set the stage for where the Marvel Cinematic Universe (and Sony's Spider-Man Universe) stand, going into No Way Home. 

The satire behind The Daily Bugle and its bullying and propaganda about Spider-Man has been obvious satire aimed at the rise of fringe "news" outlets; Angourie Rice's Betty Brant is the perfect character from these new Spider-Man films to hop at the chance to be under the wing of that side of media. In fact, the Spider-Man: Homecoming films have done enough good character building to have fans ready with their teacups to see how Betty handles the realization that Peter Parker is Spider-Man – and what happens when her job at the Bugle forces her to clash with her ex-flame (and Peter's BFF) Ned Leeds (Jacob Batalon). 

Spider-Man: No Way Home hits theaters on December 17th.