Spider-Man: No Way Home Almost Gave Green Goblin an Insane, Stark Tech Glider Redesign

Spider-Man: No Way Home served as the return of many actors across Sony's various Spider-Man franchises. That included the return of Willem Dafoe's fan-favorite Green Goblin, who served as the over-arching villain for the threequel. If you've seen the movie by now, you'll know he returned and smashed his Goblin costume in the process. In one version of the film, however, he was going to adorn his glider with the pieces from his suit.

In a pair of new concept art pieces shared by artist Josh Nizzi, one version of his glider saw Osborn (Dafoe) getting his hands on Stark Tech and building his glider with it. Then he would have used his cracked helmet as an ornament of sorts. See it for yourself below.

"This is the design I was most disappointed got cut for #spidermannowayhome. Using parts from Stark technology, like the Mysterio drones, Goblin was going to upgrade his glider," Nizzi wrote. "I was super happy about the idea of him putting his mask on the front to echo his glider in the comics. Helps to make him seem crazy too. In the end, I think they made the right call with the cuts – but I still love this design."

When Erik Sommers and Chris McKenna started to write the story, Dafoe's beloved villain wasn't originally the primary antagonist.

"So we were evolving the script as we were writing it and shooting it, and it was, 'Oh, Goblin/Norman has to be the villain. How do we do that?' And so he became the centerpiece of the movie that he was at first not the centerpiece of. Goblin was there, but he was not [the main villain]," McKenna said earlier this year.

He added, "Then it became clear to all of us, 'Wait, no, he has to be the other side of May. He has to be the main villain of this.' He has to have been given a second chance and he was still doing what he was doing in the first movie [2002's Spider-Man], but in a darker way that now relates to our Peter Parker. 

Spider-Man: No Way Home is now in theaters and hits digital release on March 15th.

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