How Spider-Man: No Way Home Could Set Up Miles Morales' MCU Debut

Spider-Man: No Way Home hits theaters in just a few more days and when it does, it will change the Marvel Cinematic Universe completely. As we've already seen through trailers and additional footage for the highly-anticipated film villains such as Alfred Molina's Doctor Octopus and Jamie Foxx's Electro and more return and there are plenty of rumors about previous Spider-Men, but there's one character who arguably already exists in the main MCU continuity that fans would love to see. We mean, of course, Miles Morales and Spider-Man: No Way Home offers up a perfect opportunity to introduce the character. 

Miles Morales has already been teased to exist in the MCU. Back in Spider-Man: Homecoming, Donald Glover played Aaron Davis, a character who in the comics is Miles Morales' uncle; in the movie, Aaron does make mention of having a nephew. Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige even confirmed all the way back in 2017 that while the name Miles was never spoken in that film, that nephew character absolutely exists — and Glover's role in the film opens the door, with a couple of ways bringing Miles into things could work. 

One of the key avenues that No Way Home could introduce Miles Morales is by seeing Holland's Peter Parker end up taking on more of a mentor role going forward. It was recently announced that more Spider-Man movies are in the works with Holland for Sony and Marvel. As many of the other MCU heroes are seeing a passing of the mantle, as it were to incorporate new heroes, the same could go for Spider-Man. Perhaps After his experiences in No Way Home, Peter decides that he wants to have that normal life he had just a few moments before his identity was exposed and steps back, choosing to help Miles as he begins his heroic rise instead. Given the chaos a multiverse of villains showing up, in reality, would cause, it wouldn't be a huge stretch to imagine a young Miles being inspired to step up. It's something that would allow the MCU to put their own spin on Miles Morales while also keeping Holland on the board—and given that the MCU also has Kamala Khan and Kate Bishop as well as Cassie Lang, bringing in Miles in this capacity would certainly help pave the way for a Young Avengers as well.

Another way the movie could bring Miles into the mix is by utilizing the multiverse and leaning into Miles' comics origins, though this one would step away from the previous tease of Aaron Davis' nephew in Homecoming. In the comics, Miles Morales is originally from Earth-1610 so it wouldn't be too difficult to imagine that when villains from the multiverse show up, maybe Miles Morales, the young Spider-Man of his reality, also shows up as well. That particular possibility doesn't exactly build on the character tease from Homecoming, but still would work in an overall context. It would also work as a way to have multiple versions of Spider-Man appear in the film even if the previous Spidey actors aren't actually appearing the way they are heavily rumored to. In comics, Miles becomes Spider-Man following the death of Peter Parker. Perhaps either Tobey Maguire or Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man has died in the years since we last saw them with Miles being the hero rising in their place. 

With the MCU in a place where it's introducing new heroes following in the footsteps of the Avengers and with Spider-Man: No Way Home poised to redefine not just Spider-Man, the film offers a perfect opportunity to truly expand "Spiderverse" of heroes with the addition of Miles Morales. Be it with Holland's Peter Parker becoming a mentor to a just-starting-out Miles in the way Tony Stark mentored him or with another universe's Miles showing up to help deal with the villains breaking through the multiverse, the opportunity is there to bring the fan-favorite character into the MCU and, in the process, open up a whole new world of adventures.

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